Walk 'n' Wheel Week Programme

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Why are we having a Walk 'n' Wheel to School Week?

  • Most kids don’t get enough exercise
  • Cycling/walking makes you fitter, more alert, cleverer
  • Cycling /walking encourages independence
  • Cycling /walking is good for the planet – and your neighbourhood
  • Cycling/walking to school saves money


Look out for the Eco-Team handing out WoW awards to kids (who walked or wheeled) as the arrive at the gate in the morning!

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Run to just in front of Akomanga 16 at the start of lunch to join the biggest conga-line ever seen in Southland!

2nd Break
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Wheels day (Scooters)


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Race Day!

Meet on the back tennis-court to watch the runner, bike and car battle it out to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient. We will need people to pull that car with the big rope, and a champion runner and cyclist (we will choose from kids who have been walking/wheeling to school).

2nd Break
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Wheels day (Rip-stix and skateboards)



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Smelly Sock Competition.

Prove how dedicated you are to walking to school by bringing your smelliest pair of socks to school (you still wear other socks on your feet that day, bring them in a bag if they're really bad) Starring the awesome

2nd Break
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Wheels day (Scooters & Skateboards)


This is the day you bring your 'pimped-out' bikes (and helmets) to school to enter the competition.
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'Pimp your... bike'

Man it cool, make it cute, make it crazy.

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The 'Share the Road' team

will be in at 10.00AM to judge the pimped-out bikes and they are bringing

Southern Steel and Sharks
players with them!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The bike doctor

will be in front of the Kiwican room with his tools to help you repair your pimped-out bikes and tune them up.

2nd Break
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'Freaky Feet' Fernworth Friday.

The judges will be Mrs Walker and Charlie the Eco-Team chairperson. Criteria: Most creative.

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Walk 'n' Wheel to school Poster Competition Judged.

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Held in the hall at the start of lunch. Your posters need to be handed to the office at
the start of school and you teachers need to bring you completed 'W&W2skool' charts along or send them to the office before lunch.

2nd Break
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Wheels day (Rip-stix and skateboards)

Also all week:
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We will build a Giant Map of where children walk to school so we can decide....

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Who gets to go home in the WALKING SCHOOL BUS!!!

Cycling information website for kids:

Cycling information website for teachers: