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Sinead handing out WoW awards to children arriving at school.

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Taurus and Sahara handing out WoW awards on Monday.

Click to visit Southland School Stories on the Feet First site
Click to visit Southland School Stories on the Feet First site

Junior and Logan handing out WoW awards on Saturn Street.

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Fernworth doing the 'Conga'.

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Oh no! Naughty teachers! Why are they all driving when the kids have been walking?

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In Havana, every Cubana, shakes her bandana to.. the La Conga
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The racers (Runner, Car and Cyclist) at the start line.

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Young Leaders towing the car.
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Wow! We've been biking so much that there is no room in the bike-stands! Well done.
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Monique washing the socks.

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Charlie being photographed by the Southland Times reporter.

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Charlie Judging the smelly sock competition.

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Shania winning the competition. She said they were her brother's.

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