Yay it has finally happened ! Fernworth has begun Recycling.

´╗┐Starting tomorrow your class will have three bins: Red strip around the bin = rubbish, green strip around the bin = recycling
and blue strip around the bin = food scraps.
We will have a graph up here to show who has been doing the most recycling and we will award Learning Team points so get to it!

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No Kresst wrong bin, you are biodegradable.

Well done to the teachers; they have already started recycling their milk bottles in the staff-room.

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Bad news Miro, :( you were too slow to harvest your cauliflower and now its gone bad. Room 21 cut it up to see if it could be saved but it was too late.
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Take a look in this last week's Southland Express. It features Strider's visit and a Fernworth boy on one VERY shiny bike.
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Thanks too all the classrooms who had fun taking part in Earth hour by spending 10 minutes of learning in the dark.
Earth hour happens once a year on a Saturday night; all over the world people switch off all their power for
one hour to raise awareness about saving energy.

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Read this cool note from the 'Share the Road' team who gave us $400 dollars of books for our library because we did such a good job of 'Walk 'n' Wheel' week. Wahoo!
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external image picture1vskq.pngexternal image picture1vskq.png
Dear all, Congratulations on your involvement in our successful WOW Week. You have all done such a fantastic job and we would like to reward you for your hard work! Please see the attached photos we captured during the week. The following schools have won books for their school libraries:
* Fernworth: $400
* Mataura: $200
* Windsor North: $100
* New River Primary: $100
We would love to come to your school and present these books at your convenience. If you would like us to come along to a school assembly let us know a time and we will see if we are available. Follow this link to see a story Maureen has written about Strider's wonderful week http://www.feetfirst.govt.nz <http://www.feetfirst.govt.nz/> and go to school stories.

Congratulations to Akomanga 16, winners of the rubbish shield this week. You might like to try making some of these using all the trash you have collected.
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