We had two special visitors today, Melissa & Maureen who gave us $400 worth books for all your hard work during 'Walk 'n' Wheel' week.
external image picture1on.png

Matua Terry's friend Brendon is teaching Mackenzie, Talia and Charolette about how to use the worm-farms that he made out of old wheelie-bins.
external image picture2kw.png

Fernworth even got into the paper for our need worm-farms!
external image picture7o.png

The 'Paper 4 Trees' people have given us the green recycling bins for every class. Mr Jordan has ordered a new skip (below) which means we won't fill the rubbish skip as often so it will save us $$$ :)
external image picture3mc.png

Kowhai has grown a HUGE crop of potatoes but took so long to harvest them that Mr J. & Mr J. dug them up and the teachers used then... too slow Miro...
external image picture6b.png

This one was even bigger than Carter's head!
external image picture5mfc.png

Congratulations Kynan who won this Term's challenge to become Term Two's Eco Team Chairperson.
external image picture8mc.png

Bring in your barcodes from McCain frozen veges so our school can earn prizes like gardening equipment. We have 200 points so far.
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