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The vote for this Term's Eco Team chairperson came down to a tie so we re-voted and again, a tie, so this term we have Co-Chair-people; Sam and Nataliah.
You can read their first message to the people of Fernworth on their blog here

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Well done to Kynan, Kresst, and their team for doing the school's first environmental audit (thats where you see how good our school uses water, power, air and how we deal with our waste. We found in the last 6 months we have saved $400 from recycling!

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Also well done Akomanga 21; the first class to get to 100 points by collecting barcodes of McCain Veges.
We get AMAZING prizes so put them in the box in the office and your class will move up the chart there as well.

New To Fernworth

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Tell you teacher to give herself a break and let you watch the DVD called 'Da Composti Code' about composting and read the '3R Education Kit' which helps you with your recycling.

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The designer who has been drafting up the final plans for the Eco-Team HQ is finished so we will do a display copies of his work in the office so you can have a look.

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Mrs Smith is looking at re-starting the school gardening club so we will be able to enter the Tui School Garden Challenge so see her or Matua Terry for more information.