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Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome to the first ever online edition of the Fernworth Eco-Team newsletter! (we want
to save paper).
Starting next week we will be going back to students writing the newsletter here.

The Eco-Team became famous this week when Kylah, Raoul, Anthony and Ava appeared in the New Zealand Gardener Magazine which people all over New Zealand buy. They were filling up the Food-baby.
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Here are the gardens as they look now.

The first one Miro, with cauliflower and potatoes.
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Here is Kowhai's, full of potatoes.
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Here is Totara's with corn, silver-beet and carrots.
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Here is Rimu's, with radishes and a sunflower.
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Its less than two weeks until 'Bike and walk to school week' so get practicing!
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This month the Eco-Team are entering 'The Green Screen, short film awards.
If you think you have what it take on (and behind) the camera. Email your name or ideas to>> fernworthecoteam@live.com
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Here is one of the brilliant new posters genesis energy has sent to our school. It is about Solar energy (energy from the sun).
There is more information for you at www.schoolgen.co.nz

Congratulations to Charlie stewart who was voted as this year's first Eco-Council Chairperson.
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WOW award codes:
Ako 4 aaa
Ako 5 bbb
Ako 6 ccc
Ako 7 ddd
Ako 8 eee
Ako 9 fff
Ako 10 ggg
Ako 11 hhh
Ako 12 iii
Ako 13 jjj
Ako 14 kkk
Ako 15 lll
Ako 16 mmm
Ako 17 nnn
Ako 18 ooo
Ako 19 ppp
Ako 21 qqq